Neverwinter Nights Modules

Desperate Measures - Cell

A cell in Trailsend

The Hunted

The Hunted - Mountain Pass

Searching for a mountain pass in Damara

Fugitives (the Hunted) have escaped from the Trailsend, Damara death row prison. Forced to flee westward toward the Galena Mountains, they must find a way to escape across the wilderness and survive. A group of adventurers (the Hunters) has arrived in the area and is intent on bringing back the Hunted, dead or alive. Players on both sides play a dangerous game, so only the cunning and bold will achieve their ends, be it escape or justice. Player Guide, DM Notes, Designer Notes, and Map of Damara included in the download package.

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Neverwinter Vault

FSC - Corridor

Exploring an underground ruin

A party of adventurers assembles and is given the chance to speak with instructors on combat strategy, wilderness survival, and dungeoneering. The group then begins its adventure and is hired for what appears to be a routine job, which soon turns into a deadly situation. The party will learn how to use its strengths and avoid its weaknesses or face the consequences of failure. Player Guide, DM Guide, Designer Notes, and Quick and Dirty Multiplayer Roleplay Reference included.

City of Teziir - District Map

Use an entire city for your adventures

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